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Scheduled Course Maintenance - Irrigation Blowout

On Tuesday, November 7th, the Beloit Club maintenance team will be winterizing the golf course irrigation system.

This process will take us two days to complete. Golfers can expect minimal disruption to play other than noise. We will be operating a compressor to blow the water out of the irrigation pipes. This will require every sprinkler head on property to be ran until water flow ceases.

We ask our golfers to please be alert when driving with carts as some sprinklers may be raised during play. We ask carts to use caution not to run over a spray head in operation as this would lead to necessary replacement of the spray head to a tune of $836 per sprinkler.

We hope everyone is able to get out and enjoy the golf course prior to winter's arrival!


Brandon Nolan and the GCM Team

Beloit Club golf course with trees.


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