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Originally established in 1909 as the Country Club of Beloit, the grounds at the Beloit Club have had a long history, rich with memories. As few may know, the current clubhouse is actually the fourth to be built on the property since its formation. The original clubhouse that was constructed in 1909 lasted only 16 years before it was destroyed by a fire in 1925, with the second clubhouse being built later that year. Prior to the second clubhouse being built, the Country Club of Beloit was only a nine-hole course. Two years later in 1927, additional land was purchased and a plan to create an 18-hole course was in motion. Nearly half a century passed before the second clubhouse was torn down to make way for the third clubhouse, which was constructed in 1975. These three clubhouses were hosts to many great times, laughs, and memories. 


One of the first golf professionals at the club was Archie Ayde, who started just before the original clubhouse burned down. Based on news articles from the time, Archie was one of the main overseers in the conversion of the course in 1927. The club is currently in possession of his old golf set, which is on display in the golf shop. Over the years, Golf Professionals Alex Wilmot, Paul Messner, Gabe Adducci, Milt Kodl, and Nate Laird have all made their mark on the club and with the members. 


The current clubhouse, built in the fall of 2014 and completed in summer 2015, has had a significant impact. In the span of three years, the vision of Diane Hendricks and Hendricks Commercial Properties has led to the creation of what currently exists as the Beloit Club. While it was no easy task, the extensive golf course renovation by Oliphant Golf and the complete rebuild of all of the facilities on the property by Corporate Contractors Incorporated were completed by early summer 2015. Since that time, their work has led to many accolades and high praise from the Beloit community and surrounding areas. The Beloit Club continues to host many successful golf events, spanning from local fundraisers to Wisconsin state tournaments. In that time, over 600 new families have joined the Beloit Club family and the club has been recognized as the premier private club in the region, culminating as Golf Inc.’s “Most Improved Private Club” for 2016!

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