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The Beloit Club firmly believes that a happy golfer is a happy member. With this in mind, the Beloit Club offers complimentary individual and group lessons for our members. One of the reasons members leave a club is that they no longer have fun playing golf. Our instructors are on staff to ensure our golfers are able to get the very most out of their abilities, allowing them to enjoy the game and anticipate that next round. Instructors utilize the very finest in technology to ensure all students are able to reach their full potential.

Ironworks Golf Academy

Ironworks Golf Academy is arguable the finest golf academy in the Midwest. With the most current technology, inside and outdoor venues, and a professional staff, Ironworks Golf Academy attracts students from over 6 hours from Beloit. Below are some of the technologies employed on a daily basis by the Ironworks Golf Academy:

  • TrackMan 4: Allows our instructors to measure in real time what the club and ball are doing in three-dimensional space

  • SAM PuttLab: Measures no fewer than 28 parameters of the putting stroke using ultrasound measurements

  • TPI Studio: Used to find a way to allow each player to swing a golf club in the most efficient way possible, and has analyzed how physical limitations can adversely affect the golf swing

  • K-VEST: A golf-specific human motion learning system that allows you to see your swing, visualize proper movement patterns, measure full kinematic sequencing and obtain perfect practice

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