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A Note From Golf Course Superintendent

Golf Course Superintendent, Brandon Nolan, has provided important updates regarding the golf course and what to expect in the coming weeks.

Spring Bunker Project

The golf course maintenance team is continuing to work through our spring bunker project adding 200 tons of fresh Fredonia bunker sand to our greenside bunkers. As we work to complete this project we are looking for some assistance from our golfing members. We have noticed several areas where people are entering/exiting the bunkers on the steep sloped edges, causing foot prints and sand erosion.

We ask that golfers try to enter and exit the bunkers from the low side of the bunker or the designated staircase areas to mitigate collapses of sand on the edges. This will help keep the top layer of sand fresh, consistent, and minimize contamination.

Mountain of sand to be added to bunkers

Cart Traffic

As Superintendent I try my best to not clutter the course with directional signs, nor post and rope, but we continue to see golf carts infringing upon greens complexes, parking with two tires on and two tires off of cart paths. This creates major wear patterns and ruts areas when wet. We ask that all carts stay 30 feet from greens and park completely on the cart paths at tee boxes. As always, we appreciate your efforts as we continue to ensure the best possible course conditions.


We are starting to enter the time of year to be applying pre-emergent herbicides. For pre-emergence applications you should be using products with active ingredients of trifluralin, prodiamine, dithiopyr, oxadiazon, or florasulam. These types of products will offer control of non-emerged weeds, as well as weeds in their early growth stages.

With the mild winter and spikes in temperatures in late February/early March we are dealing with heightened soil temperatures for this time of year. Germination of plants is highly dependent on soil temperature, many of our golf course applications have been made 4-6 weeks ahead of schedule. If you are not able to get out to treat your lawns over the next 7-10 days you should be looking for 3-way herbicide products for post-emergence. Including 3-4D, dimethylamine salt, and Dicamba. These types of products will control already established weeds in your lawn and garden beds.


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