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A Note From Our Course Superintendent

We hope you are enjoying your time on our beautiful golf course. We would like to take a moment to remind everyone about the importance of following the desired cart traffic patterns and practicing proper golf cart etiquette.

Recently, we have noticed some instances where cart traffic has been disregarding the Club's guidelines. This includes driving too close to the greens, venturing onto the hillsides of tee boxes, and neglecting the designated cart paths. While we understand that accidents can happen, these behaviors can have a negative impact on our playing surfaces over time.

To ensure that our golf course remains in excellent condition for all golfers, we kindly request your cooperation in observing the following guidelines:

  1. Please maintain a minimum distance of thirty feet from the greens when operating your golf cart. This will help protect the delicate areas around the greens and preserve their pristine condition.

  2. When you reach a tee box, kindly park your golf cart on the designated cart path. This will help keep the tee boxes well-maintained and provide a smooth start to your round.

We ask that you remind your fellow golfers and guests about these guidelines as well, as it takes a collective effort to maintain the course. We value your support in creating a positive golfing experience for everyone.

Additionally, we want to inform you that those who disregard the golf cart etiquette may be subject to repair fees. These fees will be added to the respective accounts, including guests damages. We request that you review our rules and regulations for golf etiquette to avoid any further issues.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation in helping us uphold the high standards of our golf course. Together, we can ensure that every golfer enjoys a well-maintained and exceptional golfing experience.


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