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Make Your Tee Times Online!

As another added benefit to your Club experience, you are now able to make tee times online! Below is a guide how to access and navigate the new tee times website.

How to Navigate to the Tee Times Website:

  1. Visit Member Central

  2. Click the "Tee Times" button on the "Golf" Tile

  3. You'll be taken to the Members Only website where you will be prompted to log in.

  4. Once logged in, select "Tee Times" from the top menu bar where you will be taken to the Online Tee Times page.

On the left side navigation menu, you will find all the features of online tee times including tee sheet, member preferences, buddy list, guest list, and tournaments. Below we will break down what each feature does and how to navigate them.

Tee Sheet

View all available tee times and select the tee time you wish to book. When you select a tee time you will be asked to select extra times, add players, confirm reservation details, and add any special requests. To confirm your reservation, simply select the "create reservation" button.

My Tee Times

Here you can view your upcoming tee times.

Member Preferences

View your member preferences including cart preference, communication settings, and privacy settings.

Buddy List

Add other members to your "Buddy List" to make it easy to book tee times together. Simply add a buddy by searching a member's name in the "Add a Member" search bar. When you add a member, they will appear in your "Buddy List".

Guest List

Add non-members to your tee time by adding guests. If a guest has already been created, you can search their name in the "Search for Guest" search bar. If they are not in the system, simply add them by selecting the "Create a Guest" button. Your guests will then appear under "Guest List".


View upcoming competitive and social golf events happening at the Club. When you select the event, you will see that tee times are blocked off for the duration of the event.


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