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Rain or shine, our golfers never back down! Despite a stormy Saturday, Brandon and his team worked hard to prepare the course for a fantastic Sunday of play for our Member/Member event. Our members brought their A-game, making for a great day of golf. Check out the results and photos from the weekend below.

Day 1 Results (Scramble Format)

1st - Hahn and Ladwig 61.7

2nd - Klobucar and McIntyre 61.8

3rd - Cockerham and Kodl 64.2


Day 2 Results (Best Ball)

T-1st - Wandell and McClintic 61

T-1st - Klobucar and McIntyre 61

T-3rd - Schneberger and Summer 62

T-3rd - Foley and Foley 62

T-3rd - Callahan and McCabe 62


Overall Results

Champions - Jack Klobucar and Randy McIntyre 122.8

Runners Up - Mitch McClintic and Dave Wandell 125.4

Third - Dan Callahan and Darryl McCabe 126.3

Fourth - Austin Foley and Steve Foley 129.3


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