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Beloit Club by the Numbers

2021 was a banner year at the club. But, have you ever wondered how many hours it takes in a year to rake our bunkers? Ever thought about how many Old Fashioneds are served inside the Standard Tavern?

Well, wonder no more! We've tallied up some of the most interesting Beloit Club annual stats you can think of and compiled them in a list below. Enjoy!

Beloit Club 2021 Annual Statistics

  1. 30,751 miles traveled by our golf cars

  2. 3,500 golf lessons provided

  3. 11,500 Scratch Bar cocktails made and served (and consumed!)

  4. 28,350,000 gallons of water irrigated

  5. 4,573 golf balls sold

  6. 873 new members to the Beloit Club family (250 new memberships)

  7. 62 gallons of BBQ sauce used

  8. 21 live music performances

  9. 5,700 golf clubs sold

  10. 4,584 half-pound burgers sold

  11. 4,542 acres of bent grass mowed

  12. 223,920 minutes of simulator time booked at Ironworks Golf Lab

  13. 2,800 labor hours used raking bunkers

  14. 400 junior golfers enrolled in various programs

  15. 1,180 carry-out orders from Standard Tavern

  16. 3,348 cups cut/changed on Beloit Club greens

  17. 5,256 slices of pizza served at IGL

  18. 1,509 professional club fittings provided

  19. 47 trees cut/cleaned up in December

  20. 980 Wisconsin Old Fashions made and served (and consumed!)

  21. 216,324 holes of golf played

  22. 364 days of scheduled operation without closing!!!

We look forward to serving you in 2022. Can we interest you in another half-pound burger and a cocktail, perhaps?


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